Every Day is Motherís Day

Whether you are a mother or you have a mother or both, whether someone other than your mother raised you like a grandmother or an aunt, the maternal role is an omnipresent force in our lives.Before we even get out of the door in the morning we have completed an inordinate amount of tasks, frazzled and running is how we see most women come into our spa to have that one moment in the say where they can give permission to that busy brain to simply quiet down the chatter.

I am grateful that our spas offer this space for women of all walks of life to pause, even if it is just for a quick brow wax we have the space and the service to allow the peace. In our Bristol spa, there is our lovely meditation room always available without an appointment and no charge. It is great space to chill out, alone, quiet. In our Providence location we have the newly renovated area for a few to sit comfortably before or after a service.

We at alayne white wish you a joyful Mother's Day and if you are not a mom we hope you have a stunning May!


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