How Do You Choose Skin Care?

 I am not sure if there is another industry that offers as many choices as the "skin care" industry.  Options....sounds positive right?  What if we change the word, and say choices? Still positive?  The word overwhelming comes to mind.  Below are a FEW suggestions to help navigate the extensive field:

1.  What are you trying to accomplish?  This is always the first question we ask when someone is looking for a product.  The answer is always different.  You have needs and wants specific to you.  We always try to determine your expectations so we can guide you in the right direction.

2.  When will you use it?  Because the industry has determined that we need so many options, products have become very specific. Daytime moisturizer might have an SPF, but you would not use that at night.  Some products have Retinol, those should be used at night because it increases your sensitivity to the sun. I could go on and on.

3.  How much do you want to spend?  Moisturizers can range from $35.00 to $250.00 (yes you read that right!).  An eye cream with anti-aging ingredients, plan on spending around $100.00, or slightly under.  Our advice here is....if you are going to pay more, make sure it is for the ingredients and not the packaging and advertising etc....

4.  Where will you make your purchase?  Again...the options are endless, Drug store, Department store, internet, local businesses.  I will guarantee you, it helps to have some professional advice.  With so many choices, how do you determine what will be suit your needs? Please, make sure when your getting your advice, it is from a professional who, ideally, does not work on commission.  We have nothing against commission, it has been around along time and it works for a lot of companies.  We think professional recommendations should be made based on what is best for you.

5.  Will you use it?  Are you going to apply that eye cream every morning and every night?  If not, DON'T BUY IT!  With skin care, consistency is key.  This applies to facials as well.  We will give you our professional recommendation for what is best for you.  Some people benefit from monthly facials, others monthly peels, you lucky ones out there still need (need is a strong word) at least seasonal.  If you use the right products and receive the right treatments, consistently, you will get results!


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