Giving, Receiving, How about Re-Gifting?

My friend Anna and I last year decided that we would give each other gifts for the holidays that were from our lives, the stuff in our houses that we love and want to share. This "regifting" isn't the cheesy version where you give something you got from someone that you never wanted, but rather something special that you love that you know someone who loves you would love as much as you do. One thing I recognize is that my first 50 years was about accumulating, and now I want to reduce, reuse, recycle.Passing on lovely adornments is a really fun way to spread love, spread cheer and consider reducing all in one lovely swoop.

Guess what? you can do this with our gift cards and certificates too. Though we can't imagine why you wouldn't want to use a delightful alayne white certificate for yourself, I also know that many of you hang on to them for that special day. You know... like you save the china for the special occassion? If you aren't going to use it, why not pass it one to someone you know who will. Teachers, servers, friends, maybe even a stranger? You could also donate it to a great cause for one of their fundraisers. So many ideas, but one thing I know is that all of this stuff we have doesn't do anyone any good sitting in a drawer.

Hint; there is a 1 week promo starting DEC 1- DEC 7 that will only be available if you are on our email list. You can sign up right on our home page. It involves an automatic donation for your purchase, so besides the savings, you get to give too.

As the holidays approach us, and the frantic running around begins, our spa is a place of respite. Our treatments are relaxing and a great escape from this madness we call Holiday Season. Our new beautiful and well organized menus are out and holy stunning. Stop by for a look. They are really our favorites so far.


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