Lots of fun changes and a special 2 day only online special coming soon…..

Hello Hello! It has been quite a while since I have updated the blog on a personal note so I thought now is the time to talk about changes and what I love about them. Here is what I love about life, seeing my little friend Imogen, prancing by in this fairy costume allowing me to pose her on my porch. Ahhh innocence and light, a grounding force in the busy life we lead,My new friend!imogen with my favorite sign I bought from one of my favorite stores, THE KNOTTY DOG in bristol on Bradford St. Red Rocking Chair from another favorite store, SECOND HELPINGS on Gooding Ave.

There will be a 2 day only online special coming to your inbox soon, stay tuned and buy quick because it seriously is likely the last one of these we will do:) On August 1st there will be a price increase on most services. Usually I increase every year, but I skipped last year due to the flood and the move, but this year I must. All new pricing will be on the website on August 1. Hint, this is a great time to buy a 6 pack series since it gives you 6 services for the price of 5, it doesn't expire and it locks you in at the old pricing! http://www.secure-booker.com/alaynewhitebristol/ShopOnline/Series.aspx

So many changes. For the past 4 years, despite what those of you who know me may think, I have actually been a little professionally bored in my world. My businesses were running great without me, my personal life was in perfect alignment, SO now what? Go back to school, travel, beach, open another spa? Nothing really spoke to me in full exciting force, I loved school, but holy work load, I loved travel, but after I did that for awhile I realized how much I love being home with my family. So I took a class and my teacher said to me "just sit with it." Sit with the boredom, so I leaned into the boredom rather than run from it. Meanwhile, two people decided to move on at the spa, two are having babies, and all of a sudden we were really short staffed so while I was leaning in, I decided to pick up a few shifts back where I started, in the treatment room to help out. After 1 hour in the room with my first client I realized why I started this business and have been filling in sporadically for 2 weeks. I have also returned to training the team when we have new hires. So don't be surprised if you see me on the schedule when you are booking an appointment! I realized that I am so lucky that I can choose how I want to work in the room and that it is still 27 years later, so incredibly rewarding! So while all of our lives go on in all of the many exciting directions, the alayne white brand continues to thrive and grow, we continue to win awards almost 13 years later and we continue our constant quest for self and business inprovement as our clients and the business dictate.

our most beautiful award from the 4th! Plus we won another RI MONTHLY AWARD, A Providence Phoenix Best award and a great mention in the Huffington Post! And stay tuned because 11 Constitution is getting a nice spread in The Bay magazine in their August issue!


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