Happy Winter! What’s Your Plan for 2015?

It is no secret that I like change. Even when I try to stay calm and relax, my personality seems to invoke change. As I approach 50 in just two short months, I am hoping that the change I attract is of the positive kind and not the chaotic kind. Between the flood of Bristol and some really wacky energy this past couple of years, I finally feel like I have more of a handle on what the next part of my journey will be like. Clearly, we can't control the things that come our way, but we can control our attitude towards them. This is my plan for this year, to be less reactive, to be calmer and to not complain if a customer service experience doesn't go as planned. ( Yes I am one of those..) SO what kind of change do I want this year? Well, to start, Bristol got a great redo. Providence was starting to feel like a poor step child and goodness knows, we can't have that! so I present to you a very hip very super cool Providence REDO with a capital R.

YES Now you have a comfy super stunning place to chill before and after your service in both locations. Come in and have some tea and enjoy the beauty. We hope you love it as much as we do. Keep reading for some more pictures and some skin advice.


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Alayne White Spa - Bristol

11 Constitution Street
Bristol, RI 02809

Directions to Bristol Spa

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Alayne White Spa - Providence

149 Elmgrove Avenue
Providence, RI 02906

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