NEW 30 Minute MASK BLAST +a super cute free gift.

Spread some love this month..... TO YOU with our newest super short and fun skintroduction, MASK BLAST. Perfect for EVERYONE.                    30 MINUTES, $40. Little time, Big results. Free Gift at time of Service (While supplies last)

What is a MASK BLAST? SIMPLE. We cleanse, analyze, mask and moisturize. You choose a hand massage or a scalp massage (because we can never resist the chance to add some ahhhh). But the best part of this is when you rebook with another one of our new amazing skin treatments, CUSTOM BLAST, you will receive 15% off the treatment. We do these promotions because we know that you will see results when you come in more often. Add the skin regimen to this and there will be no stopping your skin looking purely delightful. The hell with younger, how about just BETTER?

This is my skin right after a MASK BLAST. I swear to you the only thing I have on for makeup is our new lipcolor. Someone asked me if I had "anything else" done wink wink. NO. For those of you who know me, I have been a skin minimalist for a long time. I eat organic, clean food, I have been promoting the less is more when it comes to skin regimens for a long time. So trust me when I tell you, this is a big girl grown up step for me to start using  a full blown 5 step day and night system. But seriously, my skin has changed in a super big awsome way. I am a believer.





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