About 7 years ago, i decided to let my hair go white. I stopped coloring it, I cut it all off and let it grow out and a new look. I get lots of comments on my hair. Some women have siad, "alayne, why are you doing THAT?' like it was some tragedy. Other women have said, "alayne, I wish I had the courage to do that.." And some women have said, ' I am doing that."  We women love to comment on each other's beauty, don't we? What is it about us? We can watch a news show and never make one comment about an anchorman's wardrobe or hair or weight, but we see a woman and we comment. Have we become so conditioned to believe that beauty on the outside is who we are? Of course for me being in the beauty business is at times conflicting for me, but I always say that it is about how you feel inside that shows your beauty on the outside. If you are feeling great, it shows, no matter what your hair or your brows look like and for some of us the 2 go hand in hand. I want us as women to collaborate, to celebrate with each other. To enjoy our strengths and weaknesses as the tribe that we are.

For this day, I am offering you the opportunity to buy a gift certificate for a super chick or super man friend of yours at 18% off.  The catch is, you have to give it to someone who could use some love and light. Spread love, spread beauty and celebrate my birthday with a friend who could use some extra love. Enter the code TRUTH at checkout.

Here is a great article on graying hair and its new fashion statement in the PROVIDENCE JOURNAL this month. Send me a picture of you if you have decided to stop coloring, let's start a movement...



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