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We know you love our online promotions, they will be coming soon, but for the next few weeks, we are running an in store only promotion. We are doing this because we want you to come visit us, see who we are, see how we've changed our look and learn a little more about why we are who we are. Read till the end and you'll see our promotion, this way you'll know a little more about the behind the scenes of alayne white and I think it will reinforce why choosing our business to do business with is a great choice.

(But if you don't feel like reading till the end, our promotion is simple. Purchase $125 worth of services, products and or gift cards in store only and receive a $20 gift card for every 125 to pass on to someone or to keep for yourself.)

December is the biggest month for gift card purchases in our glorious beauty industry and there are so many places to choose where you spend your hard earned money and time. I thought this year would be a nice excuse to tell you why we are different and why we are a great choice for you.
With the quantity of hair salons, nail salons, massage places and hotel spas, combined with small treatment rooms attached to some of these places doing facials, it is hard to decipher where to go and more importantly why.
The beauty industry traditionally has been either a commission based business or a rental booth. You get paid when you have a client and when you don't, you don't. Plain and simple. This structure has been around since the 70's. For many people in this career, this is all they know. Like parenting, however, I have always believed that outcome is most important. What behaviors are we looking for and how do the behaviors we are looking for get rewarded?

photo by olivia gird


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