Skin Care Spring Cleaning

The time has come that we have all been waiting for –  Spring Has Sprung.

The air is feeling a little less crisp, the sun is shining a little brighter, and the flowers are starting to peak out. Spring means so many great things. Around this time, many people usually clean out their garages, or closets, in an effort to do a bit of “Spring Cleaning” but did you know your skin needs a spring cleaning too?

After months of your skin being dry and dehydrated from the cold winter weather, it's time to bring that moisture and glow back. Here are a few tips that will help bring the radiance back to your skin and have you glowing everyday.


It is so important to use a facial scrub (and a body scrub) once a week, especially after the winter months. The dry indoor heat and heavy moisturizers built up throughout the winter needs to be scrubbed away to reveal a new shiny layer of your beautiful skin! It is recommended that you use a scrub made of natural exfoliants. That said, don’t go crazy scrubbing - use a gentle hand and a circular motion to prevent any damage. This is an exercise in loving your skin, not destroying it further.

2. SPF

Using sun protection is so important. Now that it’s spring the sun is stronger, even on a chilly and/or cloudy day. Wearing SPF under your makeup can save you from premature wrinkles and sunspots. Pick a moisturizing sunscreen formulated with antioxidants to block UV rays and protect skin from free radical damage and environmental pollutants. If you’re pressed for time - or space in your beauty cabinet - purchase products that can pull double duty, such as moisturizer + SPF or even foundation + SPF.

3. Switch To Lighter Formulas

With the weather getting warmer, and the sun a little stronger, its important to swap out those heavy duty moisturizers and foundations for lighter weight formulas. You’ll also want to take a look at your cleansers and perhaps swap out your creamy cleansers to a gel. With regard to your makeup, using a BB or CC cream rather than a full coverage foundation will be lighter on your skin and less likely to sweat off while still providing coverage (and sometimes SPF).

While you’re switching to your lighter formulas, you may also want to consider doing an actual bit of spring cleaning. If you’ve had products and makeup sitting in your beauty cabinet and makeup bag for months upon months now it’s a great time to go through them and toss things that are old. Some products may last a bit longer than others, but things like mascara should be swapped out frequently (every 3 months or so).


4. Services and Treatments

Finally, start the season off right with a treatment. Having a treatment done monthly is great, but if you can’t make it in that frequently the beginning of a new season is a great time to pamper your skin a bit and help it recover from what it’s been through and prep for the new weather ahead.

Book your appointment at Alayne White today. And keep in mind our April and May Treatment of the Month, Feed your Face. It’s the perfect way to shake those winter blues away.


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