St. Patrick's Day Detox

After a night on the town, your skin may definitely show signs of being a little worse for the wear (if your head and body feel it, your skin does too!). And after a full weekend - or a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day of frollicking, your skin could need a major detox. Don’t know where to start? Don’t fret - we have a couple tips for you to get your skin back to normal as fast as possible.


If you’ve been imbibing then it’s likely that your skin has been significantly dehydrated from alcohol. Drinking fluids will instantly replenish your body’s hydration. Some examples of good fluids include water, sports drinks, green tea with lemon, or adding citrus flavors to your water. Stay away from anything that will continue to dehydrate you like too much caffeine (which is a diuretic) or soda. Rehydrating will also help to depuff your face, since your body will stop intentionally retaining water.

If your body is dehydrated, the surface of your skin is as well. Use a hydrating moisturizer to add nutrients back to your skin (face and body) will help create a glow. It will also let you pull double duty as you rehydrate from the inside out and the outside in.


The best home remedy for depuffing those stubborn bags under your eyes after a day/night of indulgence is to use a cooling eye mask, which will reduce swelling and inflammation. Don’t have one handy and can’t bear the thought of facing the world yet? (We know how seriously St. Patrick’s Day can take its toll!)  You can also use something you probably have in your kitchen - tea bags! Dampen a couple of tea bags with water and then simply lay them over your eyes (or you can put a couple of tea bags in a bowl, soak a cloth in it, and lay the cloth over your eyes). The caffeine in the tea will work to depuff, while antioxidants will reduce the swelling and tighten the skin back to its normal elasticity. Leave the bags on for 10 minutes and you’ll look like you had a full night of sleep (and maybe in that 10 minutes you’ll catch a tiny catnap too).


We all know that cleansing your skin is an important step at the end of every single day and should absolutely be an integral part of your skincare routine. And we also all know that you should never, ever sleep in your makeup. (For so many reasons including that it’s horrible for your skin and your poor sheets). After a night out it can be so tempting to just climb into bed and crash. But there is almost no worse time to skip removing your makeup than after a day and/or night of over-indulging. As your body’s largest organ, your skin is one of the main systems used to detoxify your body. Impurities find their way out through your pores, but if your pores are already clogged up from makeup, sweat, and oil then you’re going to be creating even more problems.

And, of course, if you’re feeling like your skin needs a bit of extra TLC after a particularly fun night out, you can always book in for a treatment. And planning ahead of time to come in as soon as possible after a night when you know you’ll be going out will be an extra treat to yourself on a day you might need it the most.

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