Skin Spring Cleaning

After a long winter, spring is finally approaching and your skin is waiting to be rejuvenated after the cold. dry months drying out your skin. It is time for a spring cleaning for your skin and a change in your routine. The following steps will help you get your skin back into fighting shape for the spring and summer months:

  • A deep cleansing

  • Routine exfoliation

  • Switching up your products

First, it’s best to start off with a deep clean. We recommend a facial that will cleans your pores and add hydration back to your skin to start off the season right. Our skin experts know just how to treat your skin to give it exactly what it needs. Recommended treatments include  the Extraction Satisfaction to clear out your pores or  Mask Blast to revitalize and wake your skin up. (Don’t forget, throughout the month of March we’re still running our Skin + Mind Blast promo.)

Next up, beat the winter dullness with a gentle exfoliation once a week to remove the dead skin and keep it glowy. Accompany this with a daily gentle face cleanser and a body scrub once a week to keep your body as hydrated and glowy as your face.

After your treatment and routine exfoliations , it’s as if you’re starting with a clean slate for your skin. At this stage you’ll want to switch to an oil free moisturizer with SPF. This is so important because the sun is slowly getting much stronger (although SPF is important even in the dead of Winter) and your skin is more vulnerable to damage and sun spots.

Since the weather is getting warmer, it's also time to swap out your heavier formulas for lighter ones, especially when it comes to your makeup. Heavy foundations can be useful in the winter to keep your skin looking moisturized, but now that the temperatures are rising as well as the humidity its best to switch it up. Using a tinted moisturizer instead of a full coverage foundation can help achieve this.


Keeping up with your skin care is vital, especially after coming of the winter months. Paying attention to the needs of your skin is essential to giving it the correct nutrients and protecting it from the sun.


Make sure you’re taking the absolute best care of your skin by booking an appointment with one of our Skin Care Experts today.


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