There are so many buzz ingredients out there and we understand that you are likely confused. Yikes, we get confused, we can only imagine how confused you must be. Acids, scrubs, enzymes, creams, everything seems like it will fulfill the promises of smoother and less wrinkled skin, but here’s the deal, too much isn’t always the best. If anything, less is more when you are trying to make your skin the best it can be. I thought it would be a good idea to pick one ingredient, one buzz word and talk about what it does and if it is a good idea for your skin. As we approach fall weather, the buzzword pumpkin seems to be showing up at every turn.

Pumpkin is an enzyme; what this means is that it has the ability to chomp away at dead skin - hence the end result of smoother, more resurfaced, and brighter skin. When used properly, pumpkin will help dissolve and clear away the build up on your skin that simply happens from slower cell turnover. Think of it like shoveling a pathway in your driveway so you can see the ground. The slower cell turnover is because you and your skin is aging. You can’t stop that and really why would you want to, you earned that wisdom filled skin with every spot and line you are panicking about now. All those tans, those deep hearty laughs and smiles, those teen age keg parties and fast food runs after a night out dancing are all part of the party that is now showing up in that pretty face of yours. These are your bragging rights and they happen to every single person. Pumpkin is a great wake up and our Pumpkin Layering Facial will help to shovel that driveway that is your skin, clearing the pathway for the more nutrient rich layers of moisture and masks that will follow. Pumpkin is a gentle but very effective way to exfoliate your skin and whether you come in for a layering treatment or just purchase our PUMPKIN EXFOLIANT to use at home, your skin will be brighter and more energized.

Throughout October and November we're running a Pumpkin special!

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