Less Is More

Drugstore staples are some of the first skincare and beauty lines that most women are introduced to. For those that have had troublesome skin it may feel like you’ve tried every single product under the sun. And for those that aren’t constantly swapping out products there may be something that can, without fail, always be found in your beauty cabinet. (Hands up if you’ve been faithfully buying the same products since your mom introduced them to you in high school because, as they say, “if it ain’t broke…”!)

And we get it. Good skincare products can be expensive. When you’re standing in the drugstore aisle looking at a $9 of moisturizer and comparing it to the store-brand $5 version next to it, we know that you may have a full-on episode of sticker shock when you see the prices of some higher end products. And when something seems to be working - you put on some moisturizer and your skin doesn’t feel tight and dry anymore so yay, it’s working! - why mess with it? But there’s something else to consider: the pricier products are more expensive for a reason. Some people think you’re “paying for the name,” and maybe sometimes, with some brands (especially those that don’t actually specialize in skin care) you are, but the majority of the time you aren’t. You’re paying for quality ingredients that are part of a line that’s meant to work together to heal, restore, and boost your skin - not just slap a bandaid on a problem. When it comes to the more expensive products, not only do they work better but as it turns out less is more. Not only does a little bit go a long way, but using the right products for your skin - balancing it, protecting it, and restoring it - means that down the line you’ll actually be using less product in general to get the job done.

Take, for instance, some of the products we sell. The Glo Daily Moisture is a light-weight moisturizer that makes your skin feel hydrated and refreshed. When used on its own your skin will feel great. Pair it with the Glo Daily Hydration, however, and it’s a whole new world. As the Daily Hydration does its job holding onto and locking in moisture you’ll find that you need fewer pumps of moisturizer to get the same gloriously hydrated feeling. And the Daily Hydration and Daily Moisture together provide your skin with everything it needs to begin balancing itself out so that your dry, tight, tired looking skin (and yes, skin without a glow does look a bit sleepy) becomes a thing of the past. So the right products - though more expensive - will require you to use less of them, and therefore will end up being well worth their cost in the long run.

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