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Happy Winter! What’s Your Plan for 2015?

It is no secret that I like change. Even when I try to stay calm and relax, my personality seems to invoke change. As I approach 50 in just two short months, I am hoping that the change I attract is of the positive kind and not the chaotic kind. Between the flood of Bristol and some really wacky energy this past couple of years, I finally feel like I have more of a handle on what the next part of…

Lean into Boredom

Hello Hello! It has been quite a while since I have updated the blog on a personal note so I thought now is the time to talk about changes and what I love about them. Here is what I love about life, seeing my little friend Imogen, prancing by in this fairy costume allowing me to pose her on my porch. Ahhh innocence and light, a grounding force in the busy life we lead,

Happy summer!

We are celebrating so much this summer in both locations.

In Bristol, we are celebrating 12 years in business, in Providence we are celebrating 7 years. Holy Amazing.

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a great video to watch when 3 am rolls around….

Happy New Year! Bring on 2012…Musings from alayne’s brain.

Is time accelerating or am I just getting older and it all seems to be so precious? This photo is from our 10th annual holiday preview with some great clients and friends... l-r alayne, linda, val, elaine and gina (the famous pedicure goddess)I can't believe that it has been 10 years since we opened the first alayne white…

What is beauty anyway?

Some additions in my world this year have grown me and taken me to places in my psyche that I embrace and I wanted to share some of them, perhaps one or two may strike a chord for this upcoming new year or give you a chance to reflect on this past year. As I often say, take what feels great and leave the rest for some other time when it may speak to you.

First of all since Beauty is my business,…

December thoughts from alayne's brain

December promotions are on their way, but I thought while we are patiently waiting for them to appear, I would share some December thoughts. Is life accelerating as I get older? It sure feels this way. Read on for my thoughts and I hope your holidays are calm and enjoyable.
By the way, we now have our super cute holiday t shirts in and we have added umbrellas and really great travel mugs with…

October Thoughts from Alayne’s Brain

What a year! Many times our illustrious team is asked if there is in fact an alayne white! My job over the past few years has changed from being an omnipresent force in the spa (which usually drives my team a little crazy) to being out and about through our little state at events promoting and driving business into my spas. In…

Saturday in Israel otherwise known as Shabbat

If you are over 45, you most likey remember most things being closed in the states on Sundays. For many of us as children, Sundays were days were there was nothing on TV, not much to do and certainly no shopping. Our children today couldn't possibly fathom that in our world where consumerism is the new religion, but here is Israel, Givataim the suburb of Tel Aviv, it is like a blast from the past…

Ciudella shopping at 11 pm

Here is an example of a typical menorcan dress. Everyone wore dresses. The shoes I am touching are menorcan sandals. They are really the 'crocs' of the island. Men women and children all wear them and I wish I could say I bought some, but I just couldn't get used to them. Instead I found some great sandals made of…